Noola Redclaw selected by the Department of International Trade as a high potential stat-up

After several months of assessment, in April the Department of International Trade (DIT) officially welcomed Noola Redclaw as a new member of the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP). Noola Redclaw has now established its headquarters in the UK where it will continue to the develop the R&D phase to fully develop the project to commercialisation with the help of DIT dealmakers. The assessment was carried out by a panel of entrepreneurship experts who assessed all aspects of the business concept, from the legislative framework related to the aquaculture sector to the market and consumer trends. During the assessment process the company was supported by Rob Ward, one of the GEP’s global dealmaker, and Iliyana Dimitrova, digital marketing and client relations manager at Forward Food. Tech.

The GEP focuses on supporting overseas entrepreneurs and helps develop businesses with significant growth potential. DIT will support the Noola REdclaw through mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and will offer guidance on how to grow internationally. Being part of the GEP community also means being part of a large and invaluable network of entrepreneurs that support each other in their journey.