Strategic Initiatives and Collaboration

Noola Tech has meticulously crafted itself through collaborating with top-tier engineers, scientists, and research centers predominantly situated in the United Kingdom.

 In our pursuit of advancing freshwater lobster farming knowledge, we actively engaged in a diverse array of projects that significantly enhanced expertise within this sector.

Below, we present some of the projects we’ve worked on.

Robotics and Machine Vision for Indoor Production Efficiency

In 2022, NoolaTech collaborated with Professor Marcello Calisti and his research team at the University of Lincoln to pioneer a prototype designed for automating the grading of Cherax quadricarinatus within tanks, leveraging advanced technology.

The primary objective of the project was to enhance survival rates, a concern frequently influenced by cannibalism occurring within tanks.

Largely attributed to the natural disparity in size distribution among crayfish.

The successful outcome of the project resulted in developing a fully operational robotic arm. Equipped with machine vision capabilities to accurately assess crayfish sizes . The strategically relocate them within various sections of the operational setup.

 The UK Seafood Innovation fund supports new ideas to deliver cutting-edge technology and innovation to the UK’s fishing, aquaculture and seafood industries.

Breeding and hatchery automation

Since 2021, NoolaTech has been dedicated to the comprehensive study and refinement of Cherax quadricarinatus breeding and juvenile production. Grateful for the support from the UK Government.

 Our efforts have resulted in year-round broodstock maturation. The optimization of juvenile management, achieving remarkable outcomes for sizes up to 2 grams.

Presently, we are actively conducting a breeding program focused on elevating growth rates. Our program encompasses eight distinct broodstock families, ensuring a specified growth rate of up to 7% during the initial stages of the cycle.

This project passed rigour review before being fully funded by Innovate UK